Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Breakfast Ride

Its time for a Sunday Morning Ride. I had not having much luck getting Dennis and John to ride this year (Dennis did 1 Sunday Ride). Since Denny D was having his Sunday Breakfast Ride on the Iowa side of the Missouri, I decided to do that ride this morning.

We met at the parking lot across from Rick's Boatyard Cafe. A small group (5 of us) but a good ride.

Headed out from the parking lot, over to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Turned left onto the Iowa Riverfront Trail. Rode that trail to Big Lake Park. From a restroom break, I took the group up to the new boardwalk over the water lilies.

We encountered flooded trail at the end of the boardwalk. Photo moment - Denny, Vince, Kathy, and Dee (hope I did not get any of the names wrong).

Back south on the Iowa Riverfront Trail past the bridge to the detour behind the Western Historic Trails Center. Since the detour is gravel, the group decided to turn back and ride back across the Bob Bridge and to Hollywood Diner. Breakfast!

We started our ride at 8am, stopped at the dinner at 9:40 for breakfast. When back at the car, my computer showed 17.8 miles. Short of my 1000 miles for the year by under 3 miles. Guess will hold that off until tomorrow.

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