Monday, August 30, 2010

Races and a Ride

Saturday was Maskenthine XC Classic mountain bike races. It was a long day. About 130 miles one way, a stop for breakfast, the races, and drive back home. Left the house before 6am, got home after 5pm.

The last Psycowpath race I shot was back on May 1st. And, it showed. I am not pleased with the quality of the photos I shot Saturday. I did get some good shots, but just too many with improper exposure and/or out of focus.

I will do some touch-up before sending files to purchasers. For my customers, if you wish to look at a touched-up proof copies before purchase, I will provide them.

The hosting company for my photos is updating servers. That has been delaying me publishing the photos. They are saying server should be back up to full speed Tuesday.

My legs were really tired by the time I got home. But, I got up for a Sunday ride. Surprisingly, I felt great, ready for a ride Sunday morning.

I rode the Sunday Breakfast Ride with Denny D. Was just the two of us. The ride started from the Wabash Trace Trailhead. We rode around Council Bluffs on the bicycle paths, stopping at Hy-Vee on N. 16th for breakfast.

From there, on city streets through Council Bluffs. That was the real "tour" de Bluffs took place. Exited downtown to the South and rode Harry Langdon to the Mall. Back on the bicycle path to the trailhead.

When I got home, I just undressed and climbed into bed. Too tired to do much the rest of the day.

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