Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride to Mineola - 2

Another "warm" and humid morning. When I headed into town for breakfast (7am) it was in the mid 70s. It was sunny and not too windy. With the shortage of water on the ride yesterday, today I filled my hydration pack. With the pack in my back and the good camera and tools in the rack bag, I was ready to ride.

I wanted to climb again on the Wabash Trace. With a breeze and the shade on the Trace, it should be more comfortable than out on the open. Departed the bike shop a little after 9am.

While there was a good breeze from the SSE (sure felt it heading to the trailhead), it seemed to disappear while climbing. Specially in the cuts, there was no a breath of air.

Took it easy in the climb. Sucked on water several time. When I hit Margaritaville, I stopped for water and a granola bar. Felt good, so ready to ride on down to Mineola. Popped a shot-block in my mouth to suck on during the way down (prep for the climb back).

At the Mineola trailhead, I stopped for a break and drank my bottle of G2. Rode on into town to take photos of the old hotel and jail (see photo).

On up the Dumfries Hill. Stopped briefly again at Margaritaville to deposit my empty G2 bottle. On down to bike shop. When I got there (a little after 11:30) the temp was in the upper 80s.

Tired this afternoon, but feeling good from the ride. Fastest ride on the Trace for the year. Guess the magazine is right -- with hills and miles will come speed.

Oh, I hit the 1100 mile mark for the year - and the hardtail made the 4800 mile mark.

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