Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kenosha Lakefront

Sunday I was planning to ride in the morning. But, the forecast was for rain in the morning. The rain hit during breakfast.

Spent the day visiting with family. After some dinner, I was getting antsy to ride. Though it was a bit warm and humid, there was a breeze and I was heading to the lakefront.

Rode from my mom's apartment to Carthage College. From there down the Pike River Trail along Lake Michigan. At Southport I stopped for G2 and granola bar. Today's photo was taken along the channel from the Lake along the marina.

Temperature was much cooler along the lake. Had a good ride. Ended up just over 11 miles, taking my annual miles up to 901.

Monday was driving time to home. Today after ham radio breakfast, brought the Fuel EX7 to the shop for a thorough check-out. Hope the temperatures moderate for more comfortable riding soon.

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