Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Trail Flooding

Was a beautiful morning for a bicycle ride. After coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Panera Bread, it was time for a bike ride. John was busy with mowing and tower work. Dennis was planning to ride on the Trace later. I had the road bike with me so its a solo ride.

At 10am it was about 77 deg, sunny, low humidity, and a light breeze from the NNW when I headed out from Xtreme Wheels. My mission was to check out the trail conditions. Lots of folks out on the trail. More families than I have seen riding bikes on the trails here.

At Lake Manawa, I dropped over to the mountain bike trail area. No reason to take another photo of our flooded trail system. I am beginning thinking we may not to ride this trail until October or November. The way this year is going, we may need the studded tires when the trails freeze - or skate on them!

Next stop was Western Historic Trails Center. The Iowa Riverfront trail just behind the Trails Center was rideable 2 weeks ago. That was not the case today - a section of the trail is under water (see today's photo). It looks like the water has been dropping since the high water mark last week.

Road back to the bike shop and visited a little with Blaine. Great ride - 20+ miles at just over 13 mph.

Get out and RIDE!

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