Friday, August 27, 2010

"Recovery"? Ride

After 2 speed rides in the last 2 days, today was a recovery ride. Another beautiful morning - upper 70s, sunny, stiff wind from the SW. Weather for a ride on The Trace.

Was planning to ride Silver City to Malvern. When I got home yesterday, the "Low Tore Pressure" light came on. So this morning I had to check that out. Went into CB. Tire was fine. While in town, (a little early for the bike shop) stopped by Jenny Edmundson for a visit.

It was nearly 11 when I got on the Trace. Riding the 4300 (my "Trace Bike), and carrying the good camera. With the wind and the climbing Dumfries Hill, I was wondering if the ride was a good idea. My legs were complaining. They seemed to be saying: "thought this was supposed to be a "recovery" ride".

At times, I was not sure if I could make it up the hill. Rode up the hill at 7-10 mph - slowest climb in a couple years! I made it, but sure didn't want to ride on to Mineola (and have to climb the hill again).

Stopped at Margaritaville for granola bar and G2. Took it easy (mostly costing) down the hill. Almost 1 1/2 hours for the 15 mile ride.

The legs are still complaining this evening. That's OK, tomorrow is a drive to Maskenthine to shoot the race - no bike ride for me.

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