Thursday, August 26, 2010

Road Ride

Today I did my first real "road ride" of the year. Not sure how I would do, since I just had the fastest ride for the year yesterday. But, wanted to test the road bike on the road.

Sunny, upper 70, low 80s, good breeze from the SW during my ride. At times, it was slow going into the wind. Couple times was not sure if I could make even 5 miles. I kept pedaling, and focused on a goal of making it to Bunge.

At the far end of Bunge, I stopped for refreshments - 8.5 miles and 40 minutes. Not to bad 12.75 mph into the wind or at lease a cross wind. Wanted to make sure I did not bonk, so decided that was a time place to turn back.

Seemed to be flying back with the wind. Maxed out the gears and the computer showed max speed of 26.5 mph! Back to the bike shop it was the 8.5 miles in 34 minutes - 15 mph.

Was a good ride. Total ride was 17 miles in 1 hour 14 minutes - for 13.78 mph. Another "fastest" ride of the season.

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