Friday, August 6, 2010

Ozaukee Interurban Trail

This morning was a beautiful morning. Less humidity, breeze from the WNW, filtered sunshine. I actually had to wait to ride until the temperature came up above 70!

Prepared the road bike for a ride. It was 2.5 miles from where I am staying to the Interurban Trail. I got on the trail at Jay Road heading North. I mile north, the trail enters Sheboygan County. I knew the trail was open to Cedar Grove, and perhaps up to Oostburg. I was ready to find out.

I was a little concerned with the breeze. I wanted to ride North so I had the wind with me on the way back. The trail parallels a railroad track. The trees along the tracks sheltered the trail, so I was not fighting the wind.

In Cedar Grove, the trail takes to the streets for a short section, then back along the tracks. on to Oostburg. There, the trail ends at the South end of town at a plastics company. To make sure it did not continue North, I rode on through town following the "Bicycle Route" signs. Where the tracks exit town, along the tracks is a gravel access road with a cable over the road. Guess that was the end of the trail for today.

Stopped at a little park across from the bakery before heading back. It was time for some granola bars and G2. Uneventful ride back to Jay Road.

There a a couple decent hills (thankfully short). I was happy the bike (and my legs) performed well on the road. I feel I am reay to tackle Hy-way 275 and a ride south to Hy-way 34 when I get home.

21.3 miles in 1:38. 13 mph. I was pleased. Maybe tomorrow explore the Interurban Trail south from Jay road tomorrow morning before I head to Kenosha.

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