Monday, January 24, 2011

A-Fib and Dirt

Thursday evening I attended the winter meeting. This is the local mountain bike trail group. Met several of the members and was welcomed to the area.

With dirt trails on my mind, Friday I planned to check out the dirt trails along the Rio Grande River. Got the bike off the car and headed out from Alameda Open Spaces parking lot. Turned on my heart monitor - it was going crazy.

Back to the car to take my 1pm pill (a little early). Started again. Rode over the the West side of the river. Dropped down along the river North, could not find the trail - just a lot of branches and bark. Back on the east side, I found the trail South. Heart not behaving right so called it quite.

Now the fun began. Called my doctor's office (back in Omaha). The nurse said I should get to to a facility that can check me out. Found an urgent care facility one exit down the highway.

Called the facility to make sure they take my insurance. The thought so, but I should verify with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Called BC/BS could not figure out it i would be covered. Decided to go to the facility. Drove down there only to find out they are not in my "network".

But, they told me just beck up the highway there is a facility that does. I ended up at ABQ Health Partners. They took me quickly. By the time I was there, interviewed, and EKG taken, everything was "normal". Well - the A-fab was gone, but my heart rate was high.

The doc told me to take a extra dose of my heart rhythm med. When i got up Saturday morning, the heart rate was back to MY normal.

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DirtBum said...

Love the "diamond frame" tree photo!