Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nuclear Museum

Last night, I wend out for a light dinner. Maybe some of my problems yesterday was the only food I had earlier was an apple. Relaxed and stay in bed this morning until about 8am (except for a short chat).

More of the recovery was to walk the couple blocks to Jimmy's Cafe for a late breakfast. Good food and service. Reasonable prices (actually inexpensive for Albuquerque).

Made plans for an errand trip - in the car. Barnes & Noble for my magazines, Camera shop for a lens cap, and while in that part of town - a museum.

Went to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. The museum tells the story of the Atomic Age. There are exhibits about the early days of the Manhattan Project, nuclear power, nuclear medicine, weaponry, ans flight line exhibits.

Today's photo: How many are old enough to remember use of these machines? When I was a kid, all shoe stores had one of these machines. Do you know what it is?

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