Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valley View Trail

Yesterday I rode the Lake Manawa Trail end-2-end (a little over 4 miles one way). Today, I once again parked at the Wabash Trace Trailhead. But I rode North on Valley View Trail to Iowa Western Community College (end-2-end).

My goal was to check out the new connector past K-Mart in Council Bluffs.

From IWCC, I turned West on the trail along College Road. That trail had stopped at Mosquito Creek and the railroad track. Today, I pleased to see that the trail now continues past the tracks to Indian Hills Rd.

This is the new connector from College Rd to US 6 along side K-Mart. It was obvious there were plans to add a trail along the street - wide shoulder on one side and survey stakes. (See today's photo)

Rode the street up to the K-Mark parking lot and took a spin around the lot. Then on back to the trailhead. Another good ride. Low/mid 30s, breeze from the WSW, a lots of sunshine. Logged just over 11 miles.

The trail surface is mostly dry with patches of water/snow/ice. If (when) I ride tomorrow, I expect to ride the hybrid as I won't need the studded tires (except for short sections - where I will just have to ride carefully).

When I got home, I checked the CB Trails Master Plan, the trail along Indian Hills Rd is scheduled for completion later this year.

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