Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paseo del Bosque Recreational Trail

For today's ride, I wanted to ride the Bosque. Plans were to ride South past Central. I did not ride that section in 2009 when I was here. And, I did not want to have to climb back up from the river to my motel. So, loaded the bike on the car and drove to the parking lot near Montano and Coors.

Rode East to and over the river and headed South. I was able to ride as far as Mountain. At that point the trail was closed. Another rider cam back up the closed section and reported that is it dirt surface. htat would not have problems except that I was riding my hybrid with skinny tires.

Followed the detours though neighborhood streets, which took me to Central at the river. i figured, "Great" from here I can ride on south on the river trail. No deal. The trail was closed (pavement removed) south from Central.

So, Rode back north on the Bosque. At I-40, i noticed a bridge along the Interstate crossing the Rio Grande. Its a nice bridge. Took several photos. Maybe it will end up on a future calendar.

Back over the river to the Bosque, and rode that trail up to Alameda (where the trail ends). I forgot how far it was from Paseo del Norte to Montano. I had consumed by bottle of G2, and had some water left. Sucked on a shot blok from Alameda to the car.

A good ride - just over 21 miles. Today's photo is on the Paseo del Bosque north of Montano.

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