Friday, January 14, 2011

Trip to Albuquerque

It was a tiring 2 day drive to Albuquerque. But I made it! Wednesday morning it was +1 in Omaha. The temperatures sloooowly climbed: 5 in KC at 10:30, 10 in Emporia at noon, 20 about OKC. Spent the night in Elk City. Highest temp On that day's drive was 24 deg.

For safety reasons, I drove through KC instead of Topeka. Did not want to take a chance of having problems out on 2-lane road. Added almost 100 miles on my drive.

Thursday morning it was 19 when I headed out. It was in the 30s in Amarillo. In New Mexico the thermometer in the car hit 54!!! It was 51 when I arrived in Albuquerque. I can handle this.

Checked into my room and headed to Fat Tire Cycles. Picked up a copy of the Albuquerque bicycle map (2009 addition - word is that the new 2011 edition is out). Once again, the staff there were very friendly. This was the same shop I used 1 1/2 years ago when I had flats from goatheads. Visited with Tony (Manager) there, finding out what's going on in town and trail conditions.

Preparations are under way to head out for exploring the bicycle trails. Hope to have some more interesting photos today. The photo on this photo was taken at a I-40 Rest Area in Texas.

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