Friday, January 14, 2011

RIP David Anderson

About noon, I headed out for my first bicycle tour of Albuquerque. I had mapped out the route using google maps - bicycle option. Brought one side pannier and the center bag for the rack. With the D-SLR camera, I needed to bring the additional carrying capacity.

As soon as I started out, I had problems with the pannier staying solid on the bike. One clip kept "unclipping". A couple times the bag completely dropped off the bike. Glad there was nothing breakable that I was carrying. I noticed that my right foot would hit the pannier. Eventually, moved the clip location on the rack - seems to have done the trick.

First stop was the Paseo del Norte Rail Runner station. From the I rode toward the Paseo del Bosque trail. Before I got to the Bosque, I came across the ghost bike for David Anderson. I tried to find information about David - no luck. Today's photo is of the ghost bike and memorial along the Paseo del Norte trail.

I exited the Bosque at Mountain Bike Blvd. Destination - Old Town Albuquerque. Found the visitors information office. Picked up more info there.

Last stop was Fat Tire Cycles. Visited there and picked up a couple small lights and shot bloks. At this time I needed a break from the ride. Most of the way back toward the motel, I was riding into a North wind. Grabbed the shot bloks and mopped one in my mouth for some energy.

On the last leg of my tour I saw an Office Depot. Rode other there and bought some printer paper. On up to the motel.

By the time I got to the motel, I was exhausted. A little over 24 miles and 2:40 riding time. Good ride, except for riding into the wind on the way "home".

I almost forgot to comment about the temperature. Sunny and upper 40s or lower 50s during the ride. (Official high was 51). When I got ready to ride I dressed in my cycling shorts, walking shorts, long-sleeve base layer, t-shirt, and wind-breaker. Before I left, I removed the base layer shirt. Most local riders were in tights. Some in heavy coats. Even saw on rider covering his face with a baklava! When almost back to the motel I saw my first rider in shorts.

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