Monday, January 17, 2011


Today was the perfect day to ride some SINGLETRACK! Got the trail bike prepped, loaded the hydration pack, bike on the rack, and headed to the trails. Stopped a Fat Tire Cycles to verify where I should ride - the easiest trails in the area. My destination was the Elena Gallegos Open Space and the Sandia Foothills.

I mention it was a perfect day -- When I left the room down in the valley, it was in the 50s and bright sunshine. A bit cooler up at the trails area. And a bit windy. Not complaining of the wind, some areas of New Mexico were to get 30-50 mph winds.

I parked at the Michial Emery Trailhead. Luckily there was a couple parking spots open. From the trailhead I headed for Trail 365. Was having a little problem getting back into the swing of singletrack on the trail bike.

Rode Trail 365 north to the road into the picnic area. Some spots were a little above my abilities - these I walked. Things went down the tubes after the road - steeper climbs, more rocks, and rougher descents.

The altitude was starting to get me. I had been stopping lots to catch my breath. Sucked on a shot blok and drank some G2 (in addition to the normal water). With all that, I still got a little sick.

Got to the pavement. From there I was feeling better. Found the trailhead and rode Trail 366 to head back to the car. That trail ended at Trail 365. Decided to take a shorter, narrow trail off of Trail 365 back to the car.

While I only rode 4.8 miles and 1 hour of riding time, I was out for over 2 hours. Exhausted, but it felt good.

It might be a good idea that I take a day off tomorrow.

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