Saturday, January 15, 2011

Petroglyph National Monument

After the ride i had yesterday, I needed a day off the bike. After breakfast (Denny's on San Antonio and I-25 - food was cool, particularly the sausage), and a couple tasks in the room, I headed for Petroglyph National Monument. Sounded like a good day to walk some trails.

Stopped at the Visitor's Center for info. From the Visitor's Center it was a mile drive down to Rinconada Canyon. The hike up the canyon is 1 1/4 miles one way. Take your time and look around, The pamphlet about the canyon highlights some of the petroglyphs. There are many more. If you just look for the highlighted one, you will miss a lot.

There is a easier way back - down almost the center of the canyon. Not as much climbing on that trail.

Still have some time and hiking legs left - so decided to drive up to Piedras Marcadas Canyon. This is the northern most section of the Park. The hiking trail is a little over 1/2 mile.

This canyon has many more petroglyphs. But, they are a bit further away from the trail. Many of the photos I took on this trail were taken using the telephoto zoom. That introduced in some movement while shooting the 3 HDR exposures. It looks that came out pretty good, but I would like to hike that trail again with my tripod.

Anticipating that I may come back to that trail, I turned around, heading back to the car, before I reached the last numbered (highlighted) petroglyph.

Back at the motel - soon to plan this evening's activities. Today's photo is a petroglyph in Rinconada Canyon.

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