Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday on the Bosque

Yes, I have been a little lax about blogging. Catching up today.

Saturday I just needed to ride miles. Didn't want to have to climb back to the motel, so put the hybrid on the car and drove to the Alameda parking lot. Lots of folks along the Bosque - bikers, walkers, bladers, and horses on Paseo del Bosque Recreational Trail.

Headed South from Alameda. The weather was a little cool as it was a little cloudy. I was mostly comfortable in shorts, under-layer, jersey, and jacket. When I got to I-40, the trail was closed. A longer closed section that earlier in the week. Today's photo is the trail detour and re-surfacing un I-40.
Headed back to Alameda. Took a couple HDR shots on the trail.

Dinner at Applebees with Cousin Don.

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