Thursday, January 20, 2011

Petroglyph National Monument - Take 2

I was going to Los Alamos today. But, last I got a phone call from my fraternity brother in the area. The only time we could get together would be lunch today.

I rode a little up the local trail to see if I should ride my bike to lunch. While it was only 1/2 a mile, I decided to bring the car. Still got in a short ride - just over 2 miles.

Met Craig and had nice conversation over lunch.

So, what to do the rest of the day? Figured might as well go to Petroglyph National Monument. Toured the Boca Negra Canyon area. This day use area carries a fee ($1 week days, $2 weekends). But, I have a National Parks Senior Pass - from what I can read on the sign, I did not have to pay.

The first trail was the Mesa Point Trail. This trail climbs the lava flow. Many petroglyphs to view. The decent is a bit unnerving. The photo above is take from up on the flow and looking down at the trail and parking lot.

On over to the Macaw Trail - a short trail out from the restroom area. The last trail was the Cliff Base Trail which also starts at the restroom area. Shot another lot of HDR photos of the petroglyphs.

Was clouding over, so a little chilly. Headed back to the motel to relax before the FooMTB trail group meeting this evening.

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reflectionsofme said...

Wow! You sure have an interesting life! Maye one day I will have the courage to be as bold and couragous as you are! Way to go!