Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trails Clear

Yesterday was the day to take the hybrid up for a spin. Sunny, light breeze from the WSW, temp in the 30s. There were some clouds when I headed out from the Wabash Trace trail head, they started dissipating.

Had reasons to ride the hybrid. Wanted to checkout the fenders and how it would handle on slippery conditions. Well, did not really accomplish these goals as the trail was clear and mostly dry.

Council Bluffs Parks & Rec did a great job clearing ice/snow off the trails. I did not encounter a slick spot on my ride from the trail head to the Trail Center. The photo above shows the "worst" section of the ride. Thanks Larry Foster and Crew!

Though it was in the 30s, near 40 when riding, it felt cooled than yesterday. Even had a layer more on the core. Since the hybrid is equipped with SPD pedals, I had to wear my cycling shoes. With the neoprene booties, they were comfortable.

Logged 17 miles. Longest ride of the year. Unfortunately, it looks like the weather is heading south, soon.

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