Monday, October 6, 2014

600 Miles on the Road

Got an early start this morning - out of the house just before 4am.  First stop was Perkins at Newton, IA.  Normally, I would not stop at a chain restaurant, but it was early and i needed some coffee and a bit of breakfast.  I had not eaten recently at a Perkins.  I was happy to see they have an  expanded "Over 55" menu.  An egg, sausages, pancakes and coffee.

Weather was mostly clean and a bit chilling until about noon.  Half-way across Illinois I took off my sweatshirt and track pants.  Beat traffic around the bottom of Lake Michigan.  Of course, there was construction there -- as it usually is the case.

About 20 miles before Kalamazoo, I started watching a storm brewing.  I had torrential downpour through Kalamazoo.  Of course, i had an idiot in a pick-up tail-gating me.  i could hard to see, the wipers could not keep up, but he was right on my bumper.

As I got to my hotel, the storm was dissipating.  Watching the TV, I heard that Paw Paw (20 miles  down the road) had hail.  Checked into the room.  Logged into the internet and checked mail.  Had an order for a photo file from Bike Bash.  Processed that photo and sent the file before heading for dinner.

Hotel desk clerk suggested Nob Hill Bar & Grill.  Enjoyed a pint of Sam Adams Octoberfest beer.  For food, had their Philly steak sandwich with fries.  Actually had too much to eat.  Now, getting ready to get horizontal in from of the TV.

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