Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bike Bash - 2014

Saturday was a busy day for the local mountain bike community.  There was a race over in SouthCentral Iowa.  Early in the afternoon, THOR (Trails Have Our Repect) hosted its annual Bring Your Own Kid Mountain Biking.  Im the evening,  In the evening, there was the Pyscowpath Mounttain Bike Racing Series banquet and awards party (AKA - Bike Bash).

Bike Bash was held at Papillion Fun Park.  Party turnout was lower than previous years.  I think the chilly weather (the function was held in a tent, with one fire in the center and one end open.  Add in the Mullet Classic race which many Pyscopwath racers attend.  It still was a good party.  Thanks R&R for your work promoting the race series.

My photos of Bike Bash are at:  http"//

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