Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Day at Niagara Falls

Finally, the winds died dow to a reasonable level.  Cooler weather was accompanying the change.  This was "do-or-die" day for getting in a bike ride while in the area.

After breakfast, I pulled clothes out of the bag for this section of the trip.  Repacked the small gag for the next couple days.  It helped that I had a better idea what I would actually use.

Kitted up for a bike ride.  Stopped by the hotel office inquiring about where I retrieve one of my bikes.  Loaded the hybrid on the car and headed to the Welland Canal.

Plan was to check out the triple lock system, just South of Lock 3 which I head visited Wednesday.  There was not a spot to get a good photo.  Did  what I could.  The multi-use trail past these locks are pretty steep.  Steeper than I want to tackle.

On down to Lock 3 and the viewing area.  Packed the car and unloaded the bike.  The path is closes South from the museum for about a mile riding the street - I opted to explore down-canal on the trail.  As the upper photos, you can see the trail takes a good drop.  That would been fun to ride, but not sure about riding back up. i think I picked the worst section of the trail to ride -- where the canal climbs the Niagara Escarpment!

Next, changed gear, loaded the bike on the car and drove to the Floral Clock at the Niagara River.  This trail was better to ride - at least this section.  Rode mostly South on the Niagara Rive Trail - to the horticulture school.  It was a nice, 3+ mile ride.  At least i got out and rode and got some photos.

Back at the room, I finished packing the bags.  Rested and prepared the evening photo shoot - lights on the falls and the fireworks show.  I was not looking forward to the walk (actually, it was the hike back up the hill to the hotel I despise).  Drove to a place little further down-river, but it looked too far to see the falls week.

Ended up walking from the hotel/  I picked my spot to view the Falls, and hopefully the fireworks.  Did not want to do a lot of walking.  Took some shot of the colored lights on the falls.  Got a nice photo of the near--full moon over the American Falls.  (The shot is the lower photo with this posting).

Sat along the stone fence, waiting for the fireworks show.  I thought I would see fireworks over the falls, but they shoot the rockets just down-river from my location, about across from the Americal Falls.  While I did not get shots of fireworks over the Falls, I had a change to learn about shooting fireworks with my Canon 60D.

Back at the room, I dropped the camera and walked next door to Coco's for a "good bye" glass of Barking Squirrel.  It was a great way to end my stay in Niagara Falls. Onward and Eastward!

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