Sunday, October 12, 2014

Old Stomping Grounds

I had a great night's sleep last night.  Crashed into bed about 10pm.  Up for a little about 4am, back to bed and finally got up about 7am!  Moved the couple things I had brought into the room, back into the car. 

"Breakfast" at the Super 8 was pretty sparse - packaged cinnamon roll, toaster waffle, or cereal.  Also coffee and/or juice.  Not what i had been accustomed at the Niagara Falls Quality Inn.  On the road towards Portsmouth, NH before 9am.

East driving day - about 200 miles.  Took Hyw 9 across Vermont and New Hampshire.  I was surprised the trees were not showing more color.  (see upper photo).

Missed a couple turns.  I did not get a Vermont map (no place to get one on the route) and did not find a place to get NH map until i was near Manchester.  Took the coastal route when i got into New Hampshire.  Wanted to spend more time shooting photos, but traffic was terrible and everyone was in a big hurry.

I noticed that Hampton Beach is constructing a seawall.   Can't see the beach from route 1A.  Some big, expensive houses.  Saw very large "Scott Brown" sign - not surprising with the big money along the beach!  Many more Jeanne Shaheen signs in the yards of more moderate homes.

Eventually found my hotel in Kittery, Maine.  got my bags into the room and waited Ellie (friend the 70s  when I lived there).  We tried to contact another long-time friend (DeeDee) but attempts failed.  One phome # I had for her went to NFG mumber box.  The other got us a message that her mailbox was full.  Well, last i was able to talk with here, I told here where I would be and what night.  Figures if she wanted to contact me, I tried.  Its now in her court.

Ellie and I went to downtown Portsmouth.  Were able to get a table at the Portsmouth Brewery.  Each had a beer and awesome conversation. Many memories of my time in New Hampshire.  Eventually, decided on some food and a second beer.  Both of us liked "Herb's Herbs" beer.  On the way back to my hotel, we took a little tour - past my old house (my first place I purchased). The lower photo is of Portsmouth Market Street near the Portsmouth Brewery.

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