Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Great Birthday

Slow start today.  Was at the hospitality room about 7am (before it was open).  Coffee and muffins were being delivered to the room.  As folks drifted in to the room, we visited for a while.  About 10 am, it was about time for me to kit up for my birthday ride.

Headed to Portland's Back Cove.  Got lost getting there.  Poor signing.  Eventually found the parking lot.  Unloaded the bike off the car.  Rode the 3.75 mile loop around the cove.   Surprising, the Back Cove Trail surface is crushed stone.  I thought it would be pavement.  That's why I had brought the hybrid.  Luckily, the trail surface was well packed, and nearly solid as pavement. Though there were very few bicycles in the trail today.  Most users were jogging.

Back at the hotel, I brought the bike back up to the room.  The refrigerator in the room had not been working.  Maintenance came up and replaced the fridge.Showered and back to the hospitality room.  Found out another of the group enjoys riding bikes (road and mountain). We talked about our bikes and rides.   He's also big into photography/ 

The group was planning dinner.  I was concerned about if the places had a lighter fare and something other than fish/seafood.   ! could get a burger at the place about 25 of us were going. So, I signed up for dinner - besides, I was not looking forward to eating by my self on my birthday.

Changed clothes for dinner.  I ate with the group at Saltwater Grille.  The 1/2 pound burger, fries, and cole slaw ended up being more than I could eat.  Was washing down the food with water and a bottle of local beer - Geary's Autumn Ale. 

Was a beautiful evening when I finished eating.  Some of us we outside on the deck for some air and enjoy the weather.  Took a couple of photos and it was time to laod into the hotel van back.  Visited a little after back at the hotel.  Took some more photos.  As I was getting ready to leave to my room, three of the wives started at chorus of "Happy Birthday".  Some of the others joined in before they were done.  Awesome end to a great birthday.

Upper photo is me on my birthday ride.  Lower photo is view from the deck at Saltwater Grille.

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