Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bring Your Own Kid Mountain Biking

Saturday, October 14th was IMBA's Bring a Kid Mountain Biking.  THOR (the local dirt trail group in Western Nebraska/Eastern Iowa)  re-branded the day as Bring Your Own Kib Mountain Biking.  The function was held at Walnut Creek Recreation Area, Papillion, NE.  Walnut Creek is the newest trail in the Trails Have Our Respect system.

Before the function got underway, representatives of Canfield Sporting Good Store (Omaha), presented THOR a check as proceeds to their mountain bike film night.

The temperature was a little chilly, so turn-out was not as good as expected.  The kids and parents had a good time.  There was a skills course to teach the basics of mountain biking (today's photos shows a dad helping a kid over the teeter-totter).

The group then headed down the trail to ride some singletrack goodness.  When they were back to the pavilion, waiting were makings of S moor's.

Photos I took during the function are at:

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