Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shooting Tournament

I understand we got a good amount of rain Thursday night.  Skies were forecast to clear later in the morning.  For this reason, the shooting tournament was delayed until noon.

This made it a lost morning.  Had coffee and a muffin in the hospitality room.  Back up to the room for a little nap.  Then it was time to board the hotel van.

At the Scarborough Fish & Game Assoc. facility, we met Roy, who served as out range supervisor.  Shooters signed releases and Roy gave a range safety presentation.  The first rank of shooters took their position on the firing line.  Each shot 5 shells at each of 5 locations.

The second rank followed suit.  At the end "Dead-Eve" Don won the tournament with Merv coming in second.

Bach to the hotel where Eric had his presentation "Revisiting Viet Nan" ready.  I had seen the presentation, so I went to the room for a quick nap.  In no time, it was dinner time.  Everyone was on their on.  I did not want to go too far, so wend a couple block the road to Espo's for some Italian food.  Had spaghetti and sausage with a pint of Sam Adam's seasonal beer (guessing Octoberfest).  Good food and been, just too much food than I could eat.

Back at the hospitality room, I learned some of our group were leaving in the morning.  Got their "mug" shots taken.  Then I was ready for bed.

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