Monday, October 20, 2014

Next Stop - Bar Harbor

Was up early to load the car and head towards Bar Harbor.  Had breakfast in the Clarion restaurant.  Gave my final "good-bye" to a couple folks.  Took me longer than planned to get out of Portland.  It was almost 9am before I got on the road.

Played tourist on the way to Bar Harbor.  Took coastal Hwy 1 to Ellsworth,  When I got to Bar Harbor, instead of looking for my hotel, I spent some time getting orientated with Mt Desert Island.  Drove up Cadillac Mountain.  Shot some photos.  Was a chilly, overcast afternoon. 

Stopped in at the gift shop at the "summit".  By this, it was time to find my room.  the Quality Inn in Bar Harbor is on Route 3 and you near the main retail area of the town.  Unfortuately, the assigned me a room way down the hotel (actually in one of the extra little building). The room is not convenient to the office or breakfast.  Worse, yet, it was a climb up from the parking lot up the drive and up several steps to get to my room. 

I complained that they should not put "Seniors" into such inconvenient rooms.  The only thing they said they could do might move me to a second floor room.  They gave me a song and dance about the reservation system does not give them sufficient information about me until day of arrival to plan.  No accommodation for a 67 year old, unless I had requested a handicap room in advance, it seams.  Well, I do not qualify for handicap sticker.  Leaving me a very bitter taste in my mouth about Quality Inn and Bar Harbor.

Lower photo is the view from the door on my room looking down to the parking area.

Drove down the the Main Street area.  Picked up a couple souvenirs.  Did not find a book about riding a bicycle on the carriage roads (and more importantly, a relatively flat road) to ride. On of the shopkeepers gave me a recommendation. Being after 5 on a Sunday evening, did not think the bicycle shop in town would not be open.

Across Main Street was the Bar Harbor Beerworks.  Looks like a good place to have a pint and a burger.  I asked for an amber or red ale.  The sever suggested Bar Harbor Brewing "Leafpeeper" Oktoberfest beer.  A nice way to end the day.  The burger was served with sea salt kettle chips (a lot of them).  I was able tp eat the burger, but too much food to finish the chips.

Stopped by at the office to get ice for my water.  Of course, its up stairs or at the far end of the building.  Ihe desk clerk said she would get some for my drink cup.  She came back with th 20ox cup only half-filled with ice.  Damn, they can't ever getting a cup of ice right!  Back to the room and struggled up to my room.  While tired, I could not sleep.  Processed photos drive to Bar Harbor.

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