Thursday, October 16, 2014

Golf and a Brewery

 The hospitality opened about 7:30am.  Weather was dreary - foggy, threatening rain, and windy.

Thursday was supposed to be the day for the golfing tournament.  Unfortunately, the weather was not conducive to being out on the links.  The "tournament" was moved inside  The golf pro at our host's club brought a portable "putting green".  It was not as photogenic than the normal outside tournament. 

The tournament consisted of putting 5 balls.  I stroke per ball.  Most balls in the hole won the contest.  The was a financial portion of the contest.  Playing cost $5.  Winner would win $25 of Maine lottery tickets.

Time took much less than playing 9 holes.  the "green fee" was less that playing the course.  More of the attendees played.

The upper photo is of one of the reunion attendees getting a lesson from the course golf pro.

I needed a rest, to went to the room.  Got "horizontal" for a little.  Change clothes from shorts to jeans for the afternoon.

We loaded into the hotel van and a couple of private vehicles for the drive to Shipyard Brewery.  Shipyard is the largest craft brewery in Maine.  The tour started with a video about the history of the brewery.  This year it is celebrating 20 years.

Next, we were lead into the brewery.  Bruce (our guide) described the brewing processes as we toured the brewery.  We were not able to see the brew-house where the actually brewing process happens - the are doing modification/repairs in that location.

In the lower photo here, Bruce is explaining the bottling room and equipment.

The brewery also makes root beer and some other fruit "beers". The tour ended with the tasting room.  Over 10 of their brews were on tap for us to sample and enjoy.  They also had a bunch of pizza for the group.  Don't know if they do the pizza for all over their tours.  I was able to each enough pizza that I did not need to go out for dinner tonight.

I liked the Costo Bat Octoberfest  beer.  One of our group bought a case of one of their beers and put them in the cooler for others to sample.  i picked ip a couple this in the gift shop - post cards, t-shirt, and cap.  The cap has a bottle opened mounted on the bill of the cap!

Thanks for the great tour, Bruce.  Congratulations for 20 years to the founders and employes of the brewery.

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