Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Arrived Niagara Falls, ON

Tried to sleep in, but the time change screwed me up.  Had my waggle & sausage breakfast in the hotel and grabbed my stuff out of the room.  The sky was starting to get some light when I headed out towards Niagara Falls, ON. 

I-94 past Battle Creek, then I=69 North and East to Port Huron.  At Port Huron, I missed a turn at I-69 and I-94, ending up getting a tour of downtown Port Huron, MI.  Crossed the bridge to Canada.  More questions than I had been getting at the boarder into Canada.  Addition to the normal questions, he wanted to know why I had 2 bicycles id I was the only one in the car..  Answered - "one for riding ride, and one for riding pavement".

Uneventful drive across SW Ontario.  I did not have a Ontario map, so a couple times I was concerned missed a turn.  Turned off 401 onto 403 towards Naigarga falls, but the signs kept showing distance to Toronto!.  Finallt, when I got one the QEW, I knew I was on the right track.

Had some problems finding the hotel once I got into Niagara Falls.  It was 3pm, when i should have been able to check in - but they did not have my room ready - and until 5:30-6pm.  Desk clerk offered me a meal, but was not that hungry.  We got the bicycles off the car into hotel storage.  He gave me to a pass to the Skylon observation tower and 3D-4D movie.  He held my laptop behind the desk and I headed out to play tourist.

Grabbed my camera and headed to the tower.  Got some good photos.  Was getting tired by the time i got to the movie (lots of walking).  When I got out of the movie, I was trying to rain.  When i got back, my room was ready.  Stopped at the car to get my bag of clothes packed for this section of the trip.  Fired up the laptop and processed the day's photos. Had a little rain while in the room.  Phone is the room is dead.  Desk clerk said they knew that, and hoping it would be fixed tomorrow.

By this time, I was craving a good beer.  Next door to my hotel is Coco's Bar and Grill (in the Holiday Inn). Told the bartender I was looking for a pint of good, local beer.  He suggested "Barking Squirrel", an amber, red beer.  It was just want I wanted.  Ended up with 2 "pints' (actually 20oz glasses) and a bowl of French Onion soup.  It all hit the spot.  Was a bit more than I planned to spend.  $30 for the soup, 2 beers, and tip!

Today's photos - The Falls from the Skylon and Skylon at night.

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