Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Orientational Day in Portland

With a full meal last night, I did not need a breakfast.  Had coffee and muffin in the hospitality room.  It was a day on our own.  Some when to Freeport to shop at LL Bean.  Another couple went to Kennebuckport to see the Bush's home.  Sam (our reunion host) took me on a tour of Portland. 

I wanted to the the Portland Head lighthouse (reported to be the most photographed lighthouse in the country and perhaps the world).  At the same location are the ruins of Fort Williams.  The tour continued to a couple other lighthouse in South Portland.

Sam took me to the Maine Military Museum, a private en devour.  He was  interested in my feeling about suggesting the place to folks from the reunion.  It is an interesting museum - artifacts from Spanish & American War to Afghanistan.  All donated, nothing purchased.  The owner/curator could describe each piece, who gate it to him, and the history of the piece.

From the tour, I was able to identify a couple places I could ride.  Unfortunately, all of the trails are paved - I was told it is about 30 minute drive to get to some wide singletrack.

Stopped for some lunch (I sprung for lunch - least I could do for the private tour!)  Finished up with a tour around the Portland peninsula. By the time we returned, I was getting time for the group heading for dinner.  I did not need any more food, to wet up to the room and processed my photos for the tour.

It was also the day to get my blood draw.  Orders had been faxed from the doctor's office.  The hotel van took me to a local hospital for the draw.

When the groups (there were now 2 groups out for dinner) returned, chatting with the guys and gals.  Took some photos of the attendees, and called it a night. 

Upper photos is if the reunion banner.  Lower photo is ruins at Fort Willams

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