Sunday, October 14, 2012


It was really difficult to get going this morning. A couple times I tried getting up, just to nap. Guess I really needed the sleep.

Decided to drive up to Arches National Park to scope out the park again. take some photos, re-orient myself (been 15 or more years since I was there). Since it was late morning on a Sunday, there were a lot of folks in the park. The most popular trailhead parking lots were full to the brim.

Stopped in at the Visitor's Center to inquire about places to shoot sunrise/sunset. Picked up some reading material while I was there. Took a good number of photos. Started processing the files.

When I got back to the motel, I was time for my bike ride. Aired up the tires on the road bike and lubed the chain. Plans were to head out of the motel and to ride North out of town.

For the first 2 miles I was on streets, highway shoulder, and bike path - up to Rt. 128. Crossed the road and rode up to the new pedestrian bridge over the Colorado River.

From this point, I was on the Moab Canyon Trail (Pathway). The trail climbs along US 191. The scenery (read rock formations) leaves you confused of the slope of the trail. At places, the trail looks like you are descending but you are still climbing. Yup, you climb so much that you think you are dropping when you are still climbing.

Made it up to the road entrance to Arches - about 5 miles. Recruited a couple of fellow cyclists to take my photo at the entrance (see above). It was lots of fun coasting down the canyon trail to Rt 128.

There, the road (UT 191)basically levels out until it drops down into Moab. As I rode into town, I was getting exhausted, Still had enough energy to pick up some souvenirs.

Back in the room, I transferred today's photos to the auxiliary laptop drive. Then time for food.

Not looking for riding the bike or a long walk to dinner. I had seen Woody's Tavern just a block from my motel. Not impressed with the service. The bartender was paying more attention to the football gane than her customer. Eventually she saw me. Good burger and seasoned waffle fried. Washed it down with an amber ale.

Most of today's photos have been processed. Will take some time to finish up and select those for posting on fb.

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