Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shooting Tournament

Slept in a bit since there was nothing I had to be up early for. Was able to get the golfing photos processed and posted on my web site. Had an early lunch in the Poolside Grill. Some of the more reasonable food in the hotel.

Friday was the annual shooting tournament. There were a dozen or so shooters and a few "observers". Out host was the Desert Hills Shooting Club. Their range is located in Boulder City. Not a trap/skeet shooter myself, but the shooters in the reunion gate the range high marks.

Once the shooters paid their fees, we all signed release forms and watched a safety video. I was there to take photos. We good group photos then Jim (one of the club members) drove me around the range so that I could get photos of every shooter.

More folks arriving during the evening. Lots of visiting and a few war storied. Ready for bed by 8pm. Did a little photo processing before going to sleep.

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