Sunday, October 28, 2012

Echo Company Banquet

The banquet was in the Bugsy Siegel Room (his old Penthouse Suite in the hotel). A large room, lots of space for us.

I set up at one end to take "mug shots". Had some problems with the old camera. Taking my photo another guy turned on the self-timer. Since i do not use the camera much, could not figure out how to turn it off. Even replacing the battery didn't do the trick. Started using the new camera.

The program was starting, so I had to abandon the mug shots. Figured out the problem and re-set the older camera during dinner.

I think I mentioned in another post, the banquet was costing $55 per person. The food sure was not worth it. My steak was very tough.

Made it through dinner and the program. I had asked the host a couple times for put a group photo on the program. He failed to do that. At the end of banquet I hollered asking everyone to stay put and line up for a group photo. It was talking to a wall. Did bet the "first timers" that were still in the hall to pose for a group photo.

I was livid. Gathered up my camera equipment and calendars (thanks to those that bought a calendar). Down to the room to calm down. Chatted a little over a beer in the hospitality room. Back to the room and crashed.

Photo above is if the banquet color guard from Nellis AFB.

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