Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Moab

I was just too tired last night to blog. I woke up early on day 2 of the trip. The day dawned overcast and threatening rain. Had my coffee and hotel breakfast. Loading the car and the rain starts.

Still threatening when I got to Colorado National Monument. Getting to the East entrance of the monument from west-bound I-70 is not well marked. I followed Business I-70. About the time I was sure I had missed the turn, I saw the brown sign for the Monument (appropriately named Monument Road).

Was a bit cool (about 43 deg) during the drive of Rim Rock Drive. Stopped at almost all of the turnout along the road. Some times it took a short hike to the vista.

The upper photo here was taken at one of those turnouts along Rim Rock Drive.

Stopped in at the Visitor's center. Talked a little with the Ranger, nothing in the store I didn't need. So, finished Rim Rock Drive, dropping down to Fruita. Filled up the car and on towards Moab.

If you map a route to Moab from the East on I-70, Google Maps will take you to Crescent Junction, Exit 182 Highway 191 to Moab. What you need to is exit I-70 at Exit 214 (older maps label it exit 212). The exit is labels Danish something, but it takes you through Cisco, then a Left on 128.

The first 10+ miles of rt 128 is nothing to write home about. and you will wonder "Why so much traffic on this road"? This is the scenic route into Moab. Once the road follows the Colorado River. You will he treated on some beautiful vistas.

As I reached the junction of highway 120 and 191 just North of Moab, it was obvious you saw this is a bicycle town. A beautiful Mid-October day and bicycle riders were out in full force.

My first stop in Moab was the Visitor's Center. Got some information, directions, and reading material. Next was my lodging - The Virginian Motel. Checking in there and unloaded some of the stuff from the car.

The Viginian Motel is an older place. Rooms are roomy enough (places to park my 2 bicycle) and a kitchenette. Yes - even a small stove with oven, but no microwave.

Wanted to get recommendations for singletrack trails to ride. Googled the local Trek Bike dealer. It is Poison Spider Bicycles. Not sure how far, I opted to drive. WRONG! I should had used one of my bicycles! Traffic in town (this was a Saturday afternoon during one of the peak tourist seasons) was terrible. It was much faster (and less aggravation) riding a bike to get where you wanted to go.

Anyway, Eddie and one of the customers (don't you just love bike shops - staff and customers were always ready to help) suggested Intrepid Trails at Dead Horse Point. There, I would find some easy trails, with little climbing, but awesome scenery. Just what I wanted for my Birthday Ride on Monday. I thanked Eddie and promised to be back for some shopping before leaving town.

Back at the motel, I unloaded more for the 4 nights stay in Moab. Soon, it was time to look for some food. This was a "salad day" so was looking for a dull meal, or at least a place that has a salad bar. And, no chain restaurant!

I opted for Pizza. Zax is just 2 blocks from my motel and they offer a pizza, soup, and salad buffet. It the start of dinner time. The place fulled as I was eating. Since I had not eaten (other than a couple snacks) since my hotel breakfast, I was getting hungry! Had my salad. Beer Cheese Soup was one of the offerings - how could I pass THAT. And, of course, beer goes well with pizza. Decided for a pint of Dead Horse Amber Ale brewed locally by The Moab Brewery.

Back at the motel, I transferred photo files form the camera to the laptop. Was getting very tired as I finished up processing my HDR photos (all 93 of them). Crashed into bed.

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Martin said...

Enjoy Tom, should be a great time to get a few rides around Moab!