Friday, October 12, 2012

Long Day on the Road.

Got a early start on my drive - about 1:30. Stopped at Wally-World for a couple things. Was getting close to breakfast time as I neared North Platte.

Since there was a Denny's at the Flying J, I pulled in there. Wanted to do some surfing in the tablet while waiting for my meal. Tried to log in, and was met with "Make an Account". Asked what I need to log in, I was told that they do not have Wi-Fi. There's Wi-Fi at Flying J, but there is a charge. I thought that all Denny's have free Wi-Fi. I registered my complaint. Since I had already ordered food, I was stuck. Had I known, I would have stopped at the Village Inn! Will be writing a letter to the manager to complain. With the problems at the Denny's in Ogalalla (beck in May) it looks like its time to stop eating at Denny's.

Needed to use the rest room as I crossed into Colorado. Checked on when the Information Booth would open - just 10 minutes. Walked back to the car (it was getting too cold and windy to sit outside). I saw some money on the pavement at my car door. Two 5's. Not, I did not have folded 5's in my pocket, i realized it was found money.

It was 43 when I headed out from home. As i climbed toward Denver, the temperature kept dropping. Finally, the sun came up and the temp started climbing. By the time I got to Denver, it was in the mid 60s.

Knew I would likely run into some rain. It started at the Eisenhower Tunnel. Drizzled off and on until I hot Vail Pass. There, I was hit with a deluge. The road was a river. At Eagle, it looked like it might clear off. As I drove down Glenwood Canyon, the clouds got darker.

Except for the rain, it was a beautiful drive down Glenwood Canyon. The Aspen were changing color. Besides I-70, the Colorado River, a railroad track, and bicycle path wind through the canyon. Almost made me want to find a place to park and explore on bicycle.

Got off the interstate and started looking for my hotel. After a couple wrong turns, I found the hotel. The hotel is along the Colorado River. One of Glenwood Springs bicycle trails runs between the river and the hotel (see photo).

Once I got settle in the room, it was time for some food. A friend on fine had suggested the Italian Underground. I did not see beer on their menu and i was in the mood for a local brew and a burger. The Chamber's tourist Trail & Street map (got it from the hotel desk clerk) had an ad for Double Dog Pub. Checked out their web site and opted to head that way.

Eric (a transplanted cyclist) suggested a local brew by Rifle Brewing Company - either an Amber or IPA. I selected the Amber (Anvil Point Amber). Great brew, burger, and kettle chips. BTW - Eric usually rides his nw CX bike to work at the pub.

Would have liked to go downtown to take some photos. But with the rain and being too tired, I just returned to my room. Speaking of the room, I used rewards points for the room (some about to expired this year). They gave me a suite - large room with king bed, fridge, microwave, eating table, desk, and lots of cupboards. View of the Colorado River, though had to settle for a second floor room.

Now that I have checked my mail, scanned fb, and wrote this blog posting - its bed time!

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