Friday, October 19, 2012

Frustrating Day

I was up VERY early this morning. Watched TV until there was a place to have breakfast. Was one of the folks in line at Ruby's waiting when the Restaurant opened. After breakfast, I quick stop back at the room and drive into the park to shoot some photos at sunrise.

A little late in getting in position. Actually, the sun was just up when I got Bryce Point. Was able to get a couple shots.

Was cold this morning - in the upper 30s. Loaded up the car and headed toward Red Canyon. Was still too cold when I got to the West end of the bicycle trail. So, figured I might as well head to Zion.

Zion National Park was a zoo. Traffic backed up at the entrance and tunnel. Most of the turn-outs were full. My plan was to get at the Visitor's Center to that I could check out the scoop regarding the shuttle buses. All of the parking lots at the Visitor's Center were full. Signs said to park in the town pf Springdale.

Even though I was needing to use a rest room, I said "screw it" and headed to Hurricane to find my hotel. Checked into the hotel. The desk clerk did not give me any hopeful signs that tomorrow morning would be any better at the park.

Decided to leave options open - plot some alternate plans. Since i also wanted to check out dirt trails, I found a bicycle shop in Hurricane. At Over the Edge Sports found out that this is Fall Break. That's why so many people in the park than it was a week ago.

There really isn't a good other place to spend the next 3 nights. So, guess I will rest, check out some singletrack, and do some local tourist activities, May go up to Cedar Breaks. Could even go the the Grand Canyon North Rim (it its still open). Across southern Utah, I found places closing for the season within the next week.

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