Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cedar Breaks

Well, I sure CANNOT recommend staying in Hurricane, UT. Last night I found Ted & Allen's Sport Grill. Looking for a good beer after the day I had and they had Slickrock Amber Ale in the menu. But they no longer have it, looking for a new amber ale supplier. I prefer to eat at local restaurants when on the road - not a chain restaurant. More on food and beverages later.

Slept in a bit this morning. Breakfast (waffle) and coffee. Planned to head to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Desk cleark there had been some problem on the roads in the Cedar Breaks area. I pulled out my map to ask where the problem was. All she could do was give me hand directions to the area. Said she did not read maps. Duh?

I went anyway and found NO problems getting to the Monument. Was a bit cooler up there - snow in the sheltered areas! Had a good time shooting photos. Construction at the Visitor's Center so passed it by.

Stopped in Cedar City - wanted to check out the Sports Authority and restroom. Was a small store and did not see any sale/clearance racks. Did not find the rest room. Took care of that problem at the rest area on I-15.

Figured I might as well check out St, George while I was out and about. Did a little shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Put today's photos on the spare drive for the laptop and processed today's photos. After that, I was time to look for dinner. Wanted to eat local, with a good beer (amber ale). The afternoon desk clerk could not help me (new to the area). The younger clerk from yesterday was in the back office. Tried to explain what i was looking for - not easy since he speaks with India/Pakistan accent.

Bottom line - the only place with draft beer with dinner was the place I are last nigh. URGH Had to drive back down to St. George for chain restaurant food.

Had been a while since I are at Chili's, so went there. Wrong decision. The hostess started talking about where to sit, and turned her head away from me - I hate it when people do that. I cannot hear/understand when the turn away from me. Sat at the bar. Waited for service. A different server came up beside me and asked it I had been served yet. I said "No". Instead of letting me tell her what I was looking for, she started trying to make suggestions. I stopped her and said I was looking for a draft beer, preferred Amber Ale or IPA. Guess she had no idea what they were, so turned to waiter. He made two suggestions - I opted for the Sam Adams. She opened at BOTTLE of Sam Adams. At that point, I had enough of it. Left and went to Applebee's.

Much better luck at Applebee's. The bar gal stood in front of me where we could converse. Ordered am Amber Ale and Chicken-fried steak. That almost did not go well as their "seasonal vegetable" was a mixture which included broccoli and zucchini - NOT. I could substitute with corn or cole slaw. That was better. The food was great - large steak with garlic mashed potatoes.

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