Sunday, October 21, 2012

J.E.M. Trail

I over slept for any thought of going to Zion NP for the day or morning. Ate my waffle breakfast at the hotel and started preparations for a dirt ride.

Friday, at Over the Edge Sports, the folks suggested riding the J.E.M Trail just out of town (Hurricane). Had a little panic finding the map I had purchased at the bike shop. Found it in the tablet case.

For readers that might ride or hike in Utah's "Dixie", I recommend picking up a trail by Adventure Maps. I have the one for St. George, Hurricane, and Springdale, UT.

I had been directed to drive up Rt 59. After the climb from the valley, take the first left. I found the turn on the map and driving. I was told the trail to the left from the road would be the easier section of the trail.

Took the the trail and it was just my speed. The only problem was that it was downhill and I would have to ride UP back to the car. Back to the car (about 1/4 mile) and check out the up side trail. It was a little bit more technical but still something I could ride. Just had to stop at times to catch my breath and rest my legs.

The upper photo was taken riding back down the J.E.M Trail.

I stopped and turned around before I got too tired. There were a lot of folks on the trail today. A couple times I stopped to let down-hill riders pass. LOVE the ride back down to the car. Awesome ride (and the scenery had nothing to complain about).

As I was in the area, decided to check out Gooseberry Mesa. A few miles down Rt 59 and down at dirt road - 6.5 miles down the dirt road! Parked at the frist parking area I found.

Web sites show that the double-track was the easy trail. Rode almost 1/2 miles up, but it was just not fun like the J.E.M Trail singletrack. Back at the car, I checked the map and found there was another parking area further down the road. That was there was singletrack branches from. Oh well - the singletrack there was either black diamond or blue square - and I was not looking press my luck out there. Drove back to Hurricane and stopped in at the bike shop. Lower photo is the dirt road (which I rode) between the parking lots.

Wanted to tell them how much fun I had on the J.R.M Trail. the guy there agreed it is a fun trail. When i mentioned how far I rode, he said they were suggesting the trail be one way downhill in the weekends. Further, he lectured about the damage done to the desert when stopping off trail to let others pass.

Well "Excuuuuuse Me"! I had talked with the gal at the shop Friday, and she suggested I could make an out-and-back to ride as far as I want. No mention made about one=way trail downhill on weekend. Kind of put a damper on my enjoyment basking in the after-ride.

Stopped at Subway (third time food from a chain), Was a bit hungry from the ride. Only had a 6" as I am still planning dinner tonight.

Processed the photos from today. Posted a couple day's photos to facebook. Into town (Hurricane) for dinner Was going to eat at Ted & Allens - Closed. Next tried a Mexican restaurant - Closed. ended up at JB's. Good food and service. Topped off dinner with a Heath Blizzard at DQ.

Packing up the room this evening.

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