Monday, October 15, 2012

Canyonlands & Dead Horse Point

Got up for breakfast and tried the Moab Diner (down the block from my motel). Classic breakfast - and I could not finish it.

Found the Moab Regional Hospital - needed a blood draw. Napped in the room until temperature got nice (60s). Loaded the trail bike and riding gear.

Plan was to check out Canyonsland - Island in the Sky. Then Dead Horse Point for a bike ride and photos. There was a knot in my left calf, so figured I would do what I could. Tried to walk it out, but no luck.

Stopped at almost all of the turn-outs, taking photos. One big omission was Upheaval Dome. The parking lot was fill and I did not want hike up to the view point. My legs have been about toast every night.

When I got to Dead Horse Point, I checked in with the ranger. Getting directions to the trailhead. Unloading the bike, asked a couple of biker to take my photo. Seems that the Gal was from Omaha!

Was not that good of a ride. Seems that I had forgotten about riding rocks and slickrock. That, an my A-Fib, left knee and altitude. Made a 1 miles ride/hike on the Intrepid Trail.

Ended up at the Dead Horse Point view area. Took some photos at the lower view point. Just not enough energy to haul the tripod.

Had dinner at Eddie McStiffs (was my plan). For many years, any time I came through Moab, I stopped in at Eddie McStiffs. Not looking for a big meal but needed my salad and a brew. Opted for a burger.

Thanks to Jill for buying me a birthday beer. Ended up having 2 - Rock Amber Ale. Soon bed time (see if I can complete the blog posting before i crash).

Mom called for my birthday. So, the day is complete. Will process photos in the morning. Night-night...

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