Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting on the Way Home

Sunday was the day to start towards home. Packed up the room and loaded the car (no small task). Took a break of loading the car for breakfast.

The hurricane on the East coast is causing problems for some of our group. Lost of airports on the East Coast are closed. Anyway, said my "Good-Bye"s and hit the road. First stop - Hoover Dam.

Had not been at Hoover Dam in over 15 years. New Visitor's Center, parking structure, and of course the new bridge. All kinds of security check-points. Did not want to go through the scanners with the camera, I just walked a part of the dam - enough for some photos.

Lake Meade is VERY low!. I had heard from someone in the reunion was that it was down 22", but it looks like 22 FEET low. Part of the drought in the country.

Was a little leery of driving over the new bridge - open heights and all. I was actually disappointed. The concrete guardrails were so high, you don't even know you are high in the air. Word is that you can wlk over onto the bridge, but what I saw, it means a BiG climb up steps to the observation area. My legs would never handle it.

Back on the road about 2/3 of the way from, the dam to Kingman, there was a sign for Visitor's Information. Not right on the highway, had to drive 4 miles into the town of Chloride. An old mining town, it is said to be the oldest continually functioning post office (and town) in Arizona.

Turned East on I-40. Was thinking of making Winslow, AZ. But i was just too tired. Lucky to make Flagstaff. Got a room and crashed. On to Albuquerque for a couple days.

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