Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dirt (Gravel) Ride

Started packing up the roon this morning. No fishing tournaments because hassles to get permits on Lake Meade (about the only place to fish in the area). Figured to ride some dirt today. Had a late breakfast at the poolside cafe.

Checked with a couple locals about where the bike shop had suggested where I should ride. Headed out for Cottonwood Valley. Almost for lost because i did not think it would take that far out of Las Vegas. Eventually found the trailhead.

When ready to ride, I asked another guy loading up his bike - looking for where the trails started and a suggested ride. He took my photo for me and I headed up the hill.

Did not ride too far - just too tired. Got far enough to take a few photos - for next year's calendar. Had lots of fun ride back down! The trail here was combination of rocks, gravel, and some fine, loose gravel.

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